Wednesday 25 March 2015

Lutes U Sir!

Just temporary - to permit approval by my commissioner! I've finished composing it and I'll learn to play it properly if you want it Stephen. Final will be on nylon strung. Both have a few mistakes but you should be able to work out where! The second one is nearly right.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

A Message From Martha

Written as a response to the BBC Radio program on the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. Thanks to Puff the Magic Dragon for the scan - well extinct/mythical - not much difference really! And appreciation to John Herald who wrote a song on this theme well before I did. Nothing new under the sun - not even pigeons. Guitar by me; vocal by Jan Hough.

Saturday 7 March 2015

3 New Solo Acoustic Guitar Pieces

Just finished and not really fluent, but video'd before I forget them. With a bit of luck I will tab them soon. "Deeply Floored" and "Gee Six" are in G6 tuning (DGDGBE) and "Lost and Found" is in Dropped D (DADGBE). These videos are AdM (Aide-Memoire). They are not performance-perfect.

Thursday 4 April 2013

Acoustic Guitar - Joplin Rags on YouTube and tabs to download here

Thanks to a steroid injection I've just about been able to remember the Joplin Rags I played quite well in the 1970s. They're not perfect and never will be again, but I've uploaded to YouTube for anyone who wants to try them, and the tabs are available here. The videos include a full version and slower versions section by section. Heliotrope Bouquet, The Entertainer, Paragon Rag, Fig Leaf Rag, Bethena and Maple Leaf Rag. Sycamore Rag is already up there and I'm still working on Silver Swan and Kismet Rag.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Blanket Apology Originals now on YouTube

To acknowledge the 4th anniversary of Dave Hockley's sad demise we've posted 6 of the best from our own Dave Hockley Tribute performance at The George in August 2010. Thanks to Jan for her permission to use these videos. Search for Blanket Apology or go to these links:

Monday 23 July 2012

Acoustic solo guitar pieces now on YouTube

Well there are a few "Mick Cooper"s out there but the one you want can be found if you search for:
Mick Cooper Acoustic
or go to these links:
There are ten of my solo guitar pieces, shortened to save my shoulder injury, plus one from the archives - a 1978 recording (fish-eye lens CCTV cam) of me playing Scott Joplin's Sycamore Rag. This is there to prove that I used to be able to play without quite so many mistakes. I've put these pieces up there in the hope that someone who can play them properly will be able to take them on. The guitar was DI'd to cut background noise. So the real full length acoustic versions are best heard on soundcloud.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Hear and download for free:
Blanket Apology- original songs and some promo covers
Mick Cooper's solo acoustic guitar compositions and other instrumentals
Shot in the Dark videos!/shotinthedark

Gig Update
July 27th BA - Prince of Wales Hotel, Southport (Private function)

Aug 18th BA - Blue Anchor, Southport
Aug 24th SITD - Engine Rooms, Skem
Aug 25th BA - Volunteer Arms, Southport
Aug 27th SITD - Bury Festival, Bury

Sept 1st SITD - Blue Anchor, Southport
Sept 22nd BA - The George, Southport
Sept 28th BA - St Gerard's Beer Festival